Introduction to Business Energetics


A guide to working with your
personal energetic signature in business.

Understanding your Human Design can be a map for the most aligned business for you. Niching, building a personal brand, creating energetically aligned offers and the key energy that our audience will experience from our energetic signature are all foundational elements to master and experiment with when it comes to Business by Design.

Hey there, I'm Cat!

I'm an energetic business strategist and Human Design guide who works with heart-centred entrepreneurs seeking to embody their unique energetic design to achieve more ease, flow and abundance in their personal and professional lives.

I fuse my 14+ years in digital marketing with Human Design to help you catapult your business success and drive impact in your business through the integration and embodiment of your unique energetic gifts.

I know how it feels to be out of alignment with your unique design. It affects all areas of your life, not least of all your business.

I show you how exactly to create a more intentional business, one that is aligned with your design and that allows you to share your greatness with the world in a way that feels easy, fun and abundant.