Hello there,
unique soul...
I'm Cat!

I'm an energetic business strategist and Human Design guide who works with heart-centred leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to embody their unique energetic design to achieve more ease, flow and abundance in their personal and professional lives.

I fuse my 14+ years in digital marketing with Human Design to help you catapult your business success and drive impact in your business through the integration and embodiment of your unique energetic gifts.

I know how it feels to be out of alignment with your unique design. It affects all areas of your life, not least of all your business.

You try ALL the marketing strategies only to find that things just don’t just don’t feel right for you.

Then you feel like it’s the wrong strategy, so you try a new one, and that doesn’t stick either. You feel stuck and frustrated and not clear on how you can move forward and stop spinning your wheels.

I show you how exactly to create a more intentional business, one that is aligned with your design and that allows you to share your greatness with the world in a way that feels easy, fun and abundant.

My Story

Whilst my career has always been in marketing, I originally started out in hospitality - inspired by many childhood opportunities to travel internationally AND a huge love of beautiful interiors.

In 2007 I took my first specialised digital marketing role and it's safe to say the digital bug got me good.

My expertise spans small brands, global beauty brands, and the even the brands that give you bill shock on a quarterly basis [hello Energy sector 👋🏻]

I’ve been challenged by, and enjoyed working with large teams and small teams, both client side, and agency side.

Before I had my son, I was happy climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder at my dream role in the beauty business. I planned on continuing to work in corporate post maternity leave, but it was during this time that I saw a glimpse of a different life.

I’d always given 150% to my work and I knew that even part time hours would still be demanding of my best self, when I knew I wanted to dedicate my very best to my growing family.

It was time to take the leap, as many women do during Mat leave, and go out on my own.

The ever-changing digital landscape and an incredibly diverse range of brand experiences kept my creative and analytical brain happy for close to 14 years. 

Which leads me to where I am now

Human Design came into my life in late 2019 and after a series of signs, signals and strong messages from the universe I came to recognise that this was a new path I was destined to go down.

Since leaving the corporate world, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of small to medium sized businesses. Working with passionate business owners who wear all the hats. Business owners who have a desire for knowledge, smarter ways of working and a desire to create lasting impact.

Human Design gives us a system that allows us to understand our individual energetic gifts, talents, and unique purpose in this world.

It shows us how we can live our lives in alignment with ease, flow and abundance. It’s the mechanics of our energetics and a map telling us how we’re designed to interact, give and live in alignment with more ease and flow. To do what our souls are  meant to do in this lifetime.

Coaching has always been at the centre of my service offering and I’m thrilled to be able to incorporate the magic of Human Design to help YOU discover how to live more in alignment and connect with your unique Human Design.