Decode Your
Human Design


Ever had that feeling in business when you just can’t seem to crack that magic ‘success’ nut?

Things just don’t feel like they flow?

You’ve purchased all the courses, followed all the specialist advice but you’re still feeling like a square peg in a round hole.

Nothing seems to bring you the success your heart desires, or what your head tells you  “success” looks like.

You try ALL the marketing strategies only to find that these tactics just don’t just don’t feel right for you, or your business.

Then you feel like it’s just the wrong strategy from the wrong “expert”, so you try a new one, and that doesn’t stick either.

You feel stuck and frustrated and not clear on how you can move forward and stop spinning your wheels.

You’ve had success, but it feels hollow. You simply don’t feel like you’re experiencing the joy you once did in your business.

Here's a truthbomb!

Most of us are moving through this life on autopilot, making decisions based on ‘shoulds’ from our conditioning and allowing our overwhelmed and under-pressure minds make the big calls instead of tuning into our inner wisdom.

We feel frustrated, angry and bitter when things don’t go our way, but also feel like we don’t know where to start with getting things back on track and discovering what it is our soul truly desires.

The inescapable truth is that you were designed to fulfil a specific purpose in this life, and have been given a blueprint to help you navigate and maximise your precious lifetime on this earth.

Despite this, what can tend to happen is….

  • We get distracted and paralysed by comparisonitis on social media.
  • We second guess our talent, skills and abilities because they don’t ‘look’ a certain way.
  • We buy all the courses and try all the strategies instead of tuning in to our innate gifts and the energetic codes that have been there all along.

Imagine what life would be like if you...

  • Consistently sold out your offers and programs, soulfully selling from a place of integrity.
  • Showed up consistently online, creating authentic content that attracts soulmate clients with ease.
  • Had a business that operated from a place of flow and was perfectly suited to your human design.
  • Experienced what it’s like to live your signature theme EVERY day.
  • Truly understood how you best operate in this world.
  • Stepped into the power of what you are truly here to do in this lifetime.

Hey, I'm Cat!

I fuse my 14+ years in digital marketing with Human Design to help you catapult your business success and drive impact in your business through the integration and embodiment of your unique energetic gifts.

I know how it feels to be out of alignment with your unique design. It affects all areas of your life, not least of all your business.

I show my clients exactly how to create a more intentional business, one that is aligned with your design and that allows you to share your greatness with the world in a way that feels easy, fun and abundant.

Since leaving the corporate world, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of small to medium sized businesses. Working with passionate business owners who wear all the hats. Business owners who have a desire for knowledge, smarter ways of working and a desire to create lasting impact.

Human Design gives us a system that allows us to understand our individual energetic gifts, talents, and unique purpose in this world. It shows us how we can live our lives in alignment with ease, flow and abundance.

This program is for you if:

  • You’ve discovered Human Design but would like support and guidance along the way to fast track the impact that this system will have on your life and business. 
  • You’re ready to uncover what you're here to do in this lifetime and truly understand your purpose.
  • You desire to operate your business with more ease and flow and WAY more time for the things that light up your soul.
  • You want to be a magnet to soulmate clients and create irresistible offers and programs from a place of authenticity and integrity.
  • You are excited to integrate what you learn and embody your unique design in your coaching or consulting work.

This program is not for you if:

  • You have no interest in Human Design - curiosity and a willingness to experiment with your design is a must for this program!
  • You are not excited to uncover what it is you are designed to in this lifetime and how you can meaningfully impact the lives of those around you.
  • You are happy with how things are now and have no desire to discover how best to live your life in alignment with more ease and flow.
  • You don’t currently have your own business and the autonomy to reimagine and redesign the way you work.

How you’ll feel at the end of this coaching experience

  • Supported on your Human Design journey as you dive deep into this impactful work and create the business of your dreams.
  • Confident in how you operate within your business with a deeper understanding of your personal and business energetics and how you impact the world.
  • Delighted that you have a more intentional business, one that is aligned with your design and that allows you to share your greatness with the world in a way that feels easy, fun and abundant.

I was seeking a program that allowed me to understand Human Design in a deeper way so that I could use it to support my coaching, and understand my clients in new ways. There is no one I would recommend MORE than Cat if you want to dive deeper into HD.

Not only is she an absolute pro and crazy -knowledgeable, she also has almost two decades in business experience and so blends the two together SO beautifully. Cat has a strategy brain and a beautiful soul, and is the person who has mentored me in HD, and that I now also share with my clients. Go and do this program!!


This stuff is absolutely MIND BLOWING and Cat is such an incredible teacher/mentor and delivers the content so well. I looked forward to the trainings each week and she always went above and beyond with helping you understand anything that wasn't sitting right.

Cat was so welcoming, so knowledgeable and the passion for this topic is clear. Cat's background in Marketing was also such a bonus as she helped us apply what we needed to our businesses. Thankyou so much Cat. I highly highly recommend this program to everyone. Such an eye-opening and incredible personal development tool.

Lou Fitzpatrick - The Anxiety Project

What's included:


Module 1 - Aligning your energetics

  • Understanding your unique design
  • Incorporating signature moments into your daily routine


Module 2 - Embodying your energetics

  • Understanding your key energetic channels, gates and Incarnation Cross so that you understand your purpose and how you energetically show up
  • Definition and how you process your energy and interact with others.

Module 3 - Business by design

  • Understanding how your energy type best operates in business
  • The energetics of your business and high level programs you offer
  • How you and your business interact energetically and work together

Module 4 - Offer creation by design

  • How to leverage your innate talents to create offers and programs your audience finds irresistible
  • Understanding how you energetically impact others so that you can show up consistently with integrity

Module 5 - Aligned Marketing & Branding

  • The key to formulating a content marketing strategy that is aligned with your energetic codes enabling you to create content and market your business with ease and flow

Module 6 - [Re]Designing your business 

  • Reimagining your biz life and designing an intentional and aligned business.
  • How to design courses and programs that support you individually and provide maximum impact for clients 
  • Understanding your environment and its impact on your energetic flow

Current AUD pricing available until 31/12/21

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Pricing Options


Enrolment includes:
> Business by design SNAPSHOT - customiseD pdf guide to your energy in business - VALUED AT $111 

I'd recommend DYHD to friends who are looking for another lens in which to view their business - from their approach to their marketing to their purpose. DYHD helped me to articulate what aspects of my business weren't aligned and why, and gave me space to explore other options that allow me to show up as myself in my true energy. Not only did I learn a lot, I had so much fun. Cat makes the learning process light and joyful.

rachel Kurzyp - Copywriter & marketing coach

Decode Your Human Design was the most transformative group coaching I’ve experienced.

The learning and embodying available to you in this program will save you time, energy and a sh*t load of money on coaching (that you likely don’t even need) in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

If there's something I haven't covered below then you can hit me up here and ask away!

This self paced experience will officially commence as soon as you enrol, you'll have immediate access to get started!

If you opt for the VIP support you will be sent a link to book in your private 1:1 sessions. Private 1:1 sessions will need to be used within 12 weeks of your enrolment.

The VIP support options are provided as a check in point for your learning as I understand you may have questions along the way, especially if you are new to Human Design.

The 1:1 sessions are available on a limited basis and represents a discount of approx. 35% off the normal rate for a 1:1 session with me.

Decode Your Human Design is designed to be achievable to work through in 6 weeks. I recommend you spend approx. 2 hours per week working through the class content and workbooks to get maximum benefit from this experience and your Human Design experiment.

By design of course! We are not designed to make decisions from our mind, so I invite you to lean into your authority in deciding whether you will join this program.

Emotional authority - give yourself some time to feel into this decision (just not too long that you miss the early bird - mark your calendar!)
Sacral Authority -  Trust your gut - is it a full body yes, or a nah-uh
Splenic Authority - Is your inner knowing letting you know whether this is right for you?

If you’re a more rare authority [Ego, Self, Environmental or Lunar] please get in touch if you have any questions here or via DM on Instagram. I understand that you may need more time and will honour early bird pricing for Reflectors who may need a lunar cycle to decide if this is correct for them. Please make contact via email prior to the end of early bird pricing to be eligible for accessing this discounted pricing after the early bird period has closed.

When I discovered Human Design I had never felt so seen and so understood.

It was much deeper and accurate than any personality profiling I’d experienced!

I received the permission slip I needed to step into my power and energetic gifts, with the exact roadmap to guide me there.

I would be honoured  to help guide you with navigating your own Human Design journey and coaching you to create a more aligned, profitable and sustainable business.

I created this program because
I know this one thing to be true:

You deserve to have the life and business you have always dreamt of.
you already hold all the energetic codes.
you just need someone to help you crack the codes.

Take a peek a the Curriculum